April 23, 2009

Steve Pomper

Cannon Beach, Oregon. Roam, Run, Relax.

author photoSometimes a break is just what’s needed for a little change of perspective, and I’ve got the perfect place: Cannon Beach, Oregon. We spent last weekend in a fantastically rustic and cozy room at the Hearthstone Inn, a part of the Cannon Beach Hotel. The room was clean and conveniently located only a few blocks from downtown and the myriad shops calling to browsers, or as in my wife’s case, shoppers.


The staff was friendly and responsive anything we needed, which wasn’t much. We were a block from the beach and about a half mile beach walk south to Haystack, an incredible monolith and Puffin paradise jutting out of the Pacific Ocean teasingly close to the beach bathing in the foamy surf.


If you’re into the shopping thing, as I said, the downtown is only a few blocks from the Hearthstone Inn, and is only a few blocks long, an easy stroll for most people. It’s jammed with a theater, bookstore, all kinds of restaurants and retail shops, of which our favorites were, The Wine Shack and Bill’s Tavern along with the respective vacation-enhancing beverages to be found within each.


If you’re into the beach thing, from the north end of town, at Ecola Creek, the beach runs pretty much uninterrupted for a good three miles south, but if you push it past a particularly tight rocky passing point, dependent on the tide, if you don’t mind getting your feet wet, you can push the walk, run, or mountain bike ride another mile or two down the beach.


If you’re into both things like we are, then you’ve truly found your weekend get-away. Oh, and what a great writer’s retreat as well.


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