November 05, 2008

Steve Pomper


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This may come as a surprise, considering my past blogs, however I’d like to congratulate President-elect Obama. One of the things I love about our nation is our history of peaceful transitions of power. No matter how contentious, the losing party, often quite graciously as in this case, hands the reigns over to his successor.


The significance of this campaign is not lost on me. I understand that, although many black people who voted for Barack Obama do not side with him politically, the meaning of an American of African decent rising to the presidency is remarkably poignant and emotional. Yes, it was about race for them, but in this case I’m not sure that was such a bad thing. No matter what else now occurs, no child of any race—and thanks to Hillary and Sarah—gender, can ever look in the mirror and think that any part of the American Dream is not possible for him or her.


I will offer other thoughts and opinions on the past election and on our new president in upcoming blogs, but for now I’d just like to wish Barack Obama and his beautiful family my sincere best wishes as the leader of all Americans.


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