December 20, 2009

Steve Pomper

Cowardly Democrat Leaders Call for Vote in the Middle of the Night.

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What in liberty’s name are the Democrats doing? We know that not all Democrats are far left politically, but we’d never know that by their recent actions. How many of them are committing political suicide by supporting the vastly unpopular, monstrously expensive, dangerously socialistic, healthcare bill? I suppose next fall will answer that question. I think any Democrats who’ve underestimated the current, and growing, anger of the American people, will learn an electoral lesson they will never forget.


If nothing else shows how underhanded the Democrats are being, we just have to look at the timing of their votes and related news releases throughout this process. They come at the week’s end (read: end of news cycle), and in the middle of the night (read: cowardly), and without the people or their representatives given an opportunity to even read it (read: don’t read).


Such is the case with the upcoming vote on the Senate’s version of the bill, for which the Democrat leadership has decreed they will gather in the wee dark hours of Monday morning (read: “Sunday” night), to stir their cauldron and cast their spell against the physical and fiscal wellbeing of the American people.


They succeeded in bribing Senator Landrieu, ala “Louisiana Purchase II” and now it appears they’ve also purchased Nebraska for today’s version of thirty pieces of silver. Actually, for a Democrat under this regime, I give Senator Nelson credit (though not much) for hanging in there as long as he did. After seeing Senator Lieberman’s resolve collapse, it now appears there are no Democrats willing to stand up for the American people and liberty.


How sad. I don’t know how retired Georgia Senator Zell Miller, arguably the last true conservative Democrat to have served, keeps his breakfast down while reading about his party’s latest totalitarian tactics, and surely John Kennedy and Scoop Jackson must be turning in their graves.


The rush to get “something,” “anything,” passed before Christmas Eve can now be seen as nothing more than a surge to get anything other than a lump of coal in President Obama’s stocking, even if it’s only a cube of ice, which will melt away in the heat of the American fury sure to follow.


Hold on tight, 2009 was the far left’s push against liberty; in 2010 Americans will push back!


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