May 28, 2009

Steve Pomper

D.C. Chique

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If you ever want to know if some public effort might be a political scam, just watch how fast its proponents attempt to ram it down your throat. We’re seeing a lot of that lately with this new administration. Everything’s a “crisis,” must be rushed, and when did not reading what you’re signing become the latest D.C. Chique?

“The debate is settled,” we’re told by proponents of so-called, “Global Warming.” I have to admit I feel a bit hesitant using the term, “so-called,” but what else can I do? When the weather appears cooler than normal, they change the term to so-called, “Climate Change;” covers all bases I suppose.

While the earth may indeed be warming, due to whatever causes, how is this different than what the Earth’s done since its birth—heat up, moderate, and cool down, moderate, heat up, and so on? When even an honest question is derided as right wing ignorance or an attack on science, how can any declaration of crisis be deemed authentic science? Science demands questions—tough questions from all quarters.

This is not a new scam, just new packaging, and one attempted back during the Carter administration, which, sadly, I remember all too well. I was in high school and had just learned to drive in time to enjoy gas shortages, rationing, and the long lines when gas was available at all. We look back on those days with anger as the boneheaded Progressive’s policies were avoidable. We also look back and laugh at the pseudo-quasi-Soviet-like-cars created in deference to, “the environment.”

Are the “Eco-Friendly,” and oh so silly, teensy-weensy, and quite dangerous “Smart” cars being thrust upon us (but mostly purchased by, look-at-me, enviro-nuts), destined to be added to the slab-heap of vehicular absurdities such as the “K” cars, Pintos, and Gremlins of the 70s and 80s? My guess: Yep. But, just like the pale-green tuxes and puffy pink-purple gowns we wore to our proms back then, we all need things to look back on—and laugh at.


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