March 24, 2010

Steve Pomper

Democratic Party now Officially a Socialist Party

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Up until, “The Vote,” I’d forced myself, out of civility, to consider Democrats simply as predominately folks on the liberal/progressive side of the political aisle. Now, following this ram-down-our-throats-at-any-cost vote for so-called “Healthcare Reform,” these folks have abdicated any claim to the name Democratic Party as we’ve traditionally known it in America. With this vote the Democrats have effectively declared themselves a Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has essentially ceased to exist—has been absorbed by radicals.


This is supported by recent polls, which, when dissected, although showing overall rejection of Obamacare, by mostly Republicans and Independents, Democrats support Obamacare by more than sixty percent. It’s amazing the Democrats still publicly resist the socialist label (well, except for Al Sharpton), but what do you call a party that not only espouses, but is implementing, a radical socialist agenda.


Socialists are my enemy because, as a cop, and as a private citizen, the socialist, just like the thief, wishes to take from me what is rightfully mine, by force. A thief is a thief whether skulking in the shadows of our communities, or skulking through the halls of Congress.


Unlike the traditional Democratic Party, socialists are overt enemies of liberty as socialism seeks to radically increase government, and as Ronald Reagan famously said, “When government expands, liberty contracts.” Those folks, formerly-Democrats-turned-Socialists, are no longer simply opponents across the aisle, with whom to debate and compromise. They demonstrated, by locking out the Republicans as well as the American people on the healthcare debate, that they are interested in neither. I now consider them adversaries on the other side of a political skirmish line—they are the enemy who are ripping our liberty away from us and we must fight them peacefully while we still have some liberty left to do so.




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