June 07, 2021

Did teaching Our Kids to Fear and Hate Cops Lead to Shootout with 12 and 14-year-old?

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By Steve Pomper

What are we teaching our kids used to be a rhetorical question. Now, it’s an actual question in need of an answer. Leftist school administrators, school boards, and teachers’ unions not only tolerate Antifa and BLM violence but approve of it, support it, and even partake in it. And they are passing these toxic sentiments on to our children in our schools. Disturbing reports out of Portland, Oregon show several current, active public-school teachers who’ve taken part and have been arrested at Antifa riots. 

Chris Rufo, the gold standard for critical race theory (CRT) resistance, recently wrote an article titled, “The Child Soldiers of Portland: Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries.” Rufo explains how adults are brainwashing and radicalizing young children in CRT and BLM/Antifa culture. Rufo wrote, “Children as young as four marched with the crowd to the federal courthouse, raising the Black Power fist and chanting ‘Fuck the Police!’”

And yet the legacy media continues to provide refuge for these, actually violent, insurrectionists who clamor for “Death to America.” Still, publications such as The New Yorker, continue unironically to label these militants “antifascists.” They wrote, “In July, President Donald Trump had claimed, without evidence, that anarchists were throwing soup cans at police during demonstrations for racial justice.” The writer even made light of arrested Antifa members joking, “this soup is for my family.”

It is within this anarcho-Marxist indoctrination “soup” that brings us this disturbing story. The New York Post reported on a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl who ran away from a halfway home in Florida and later broke into a home. When the police arrived, the girl opened fire on the cops with a shotgun she’d acquired at the residence. Deputies eventually shot the armed girl who is in the hospital, stable, and recovering from two gunshot wounds. 

Deputies attempted to contact the teens by tossing a cellphone into the house, which the two youths ignored and instead continued to shoot at the cops. Reportedly, during the 35-minute incident, the teens “fired at deputies four separate times….” The boy was allegedly armed with an AK-47, also obtained within the home. The Sheriff’s Office reported no wounded deputies. The involved deputies are now on administrative leave, which is standard for officer-involved shootings. 

This may be conjecture, but from having dealt with the juvenile justice system myself, the leftist political bent was frequently on display. It appears Sheriff Mike Chitwood has a similar sentiment about the system in Florida. “I don’t know what to say. Where have we gone wrong that a 12- and 14-year-old think it’s OK to take on law enforcement?” 

Well, when the leftist administration and staff continually “teach” our children that cops are evil and more likely to harm than help them, by definition, that’s what kids “learn.” Our school district recently eliminated the School Resource Officers.

According to school officials, they “spoke with children of color” whom they say fear the police, which was their ostensible reason for sacking cops in schools. The police department reported being blindsided because they were not consulted, and they also asserted very positive relations between students and officers. School officials, on the other hand, went with their apparent preconceived notion: ACAB!

In a video statement, Volusia Sheriff Chitwood referred disparagingly to the Florida Juvenile Justice System. He said, “A place called FUMCH… [is] a complete failure and disgrace to the juvenile justice system in the state of Florida.” He explained the runaway boy was insulin-dependent, needing insulin “every four hours.” He also mentioned the 14-year-old girl’s criminal history, which led directly to this incident. “[Y]ou may remember, over the last year or so [the girl] stole a bunch of puppies, gets put into a halfway house in Flagler County, burns the home down. So, what do they do? They send her to Volusia County….”       

Based on the given information, we cannot confirm the attitude the staff at the halfway home has toward cops. Still, we can infer from the sheriff, and us cops who have many personal anecdotes the likely anti-police sentiment.

I can’t count the number of times I responded to halfway houses for youths and to juvenile detention (juvy jail). But I can confidently predict, even several years ago, those kids were not getting lessons from staff on how to cooperate with the police. Here, it appears, as usual with leftist leaning juvenile justice facilities and staff, these two kids certainly didn’t have a warm and fuzzy for cops.  

Sheriff Chitwood sums up the current anti-cop situation quite accurately. “I’m sad to say, thank God my career is starting to come to an end. Because I don’t know what the future of law enforcement looks like in this country.”

The Left likes to preach incessantly about systemic this and systemic that. Well, there is a systemic breakdown in our nation, which the Left is perpetrating. They’ve hijacked the public education and juvenile justice systems, which they are using to indoctrinate our children against traditional America, generally, and, specifically, against America’s law enforcement officers.

Isn’t it time, like Chris Rufo has, to join in the fight against CRT, BLM, and Antifa indoctrination in our schools? Aren’t our children, the future leaders of America, worth it?    


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