June 26, 2015

DOJ: Lets its Friends Drive Home Drunk.

This morning I heard Dave Bose, on his KTTH AM 770 radio program, describe our present reality in America, in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obamacare rewrite rescue, as having walked through the “Looking Glass.” How perfect! Living in Bizarro World, as I’ve put it, provides a similar context, but Alice’ looking glass lends the entire mess a poetic patina. Seems, somehow, to soften the blow—or blows—that keep coming, it appears, day-after-day.

On the other side of the “reality” mirror, one of the warped elements we find is Obama’s DOJ and what substitutes for impartiality in America today. As we all know, the DOJ has refused, time after time, to prosecute people with whom it agrees while it has earned a reputation for zealously prosecuting political opponents.

Having just retired from the police department last year, I have to ask: How is that any different from me, as a police officer letting someone “off” after catching him or her committing a felony because he or she is a conservative or libertarian . Or, letting someone drive home drunk, after giving them a break on a DUI, because he or she is on my side of the political aisle. Or, to the contrary, actively seeking to “catch” and cite or arrest someone because I disagree with him or her politically? I think I may have sprained my brain attempting to resolve the difference.

The context may be different, but the socio-legal argument is the same—playing favorites—special treatment—inequity. This goes way beyond prosecutorial discretion. And I’m not talking about a cop letting a family member or friend slide for a simple infraction, for which some officers have been sanctioned to the delight of many on the left, but about serious transgressions such as Lois Lerner, allegedly, committed while heading the Exempt Organizations Unit at the IRS in actively targeting the current administration’s political opponents. In a free democratic republic such as ours, isn’t that among the most egregious crimes against not only the Americans targeted but against the entire idea of American liberty?

Lately, I’ve been advising my friends who have concluded the American sky is falling, and we have no recourse, to put things in perspective. For example, it’s not as bad as the civil war era, which threatened to destroy the American experiment of a government of the people. Nevertheless, I understand, and commiserate with, their perspective. With a senate that initially ran on Harry Reid’s wormy rules changes to pass major, single-party legislation and now is run in large part by presidential edict, including altering laws at will and on whim, it’s getting much more difficult to shed a positive light on America’s present sociopolitical condition. Still, I am maintaining hope for our nation—at least until I wake up one day in November, 2016 and discover, to my abject horror, that our new president has a D next to her name.


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