March 09, 2008

Driving is something you do; not something that happens.

     I recently wrote an article entitled; Drive like you care, for . I thought I’d share some of my contentions with y’all. First, I noticed an interesting phenomenon (by the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m often noticing interesting phenomena) in that many folks don’t treat the act, or activity, of driving as a separate thing to be done in and of itself.

     Many drivers seem to be very much engaged in what they’re doing, before they get into their cars, and then reengage after they get out of their cars, but driving their cars isn’t something they do, they treat it as something that simply happens on the way to and from.

     Do you ever do this? I sure do. Let’s say I’ve just left a place where I had a bad experience, poor service, argument, whatever; I get in my car and what’s on my mind, certainly not driving my car. Or I’m on my way to the Oprah Show studios, because she want to interview my about my latest book, which, of course, is the best book she’s ever read in her entire life, and she declares she’s quite confident it is the best book she ever will read and declares, on her TV show, that she’ll never read another book again—ever, having read it all now. Oh, sorry—where was I? Right; am I thinking about driving with Oprah on my mind? Hell no!

     Think about it next time you get in your car; is driving something you do, or is driving something that merely happens while you’re getting your butt from here to there or there to here?


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