January 22, 2010

Steve Pomper

For Once Massachusetts is Right





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Being my home state how could I not at least comment on the great upheaval that has propelled Scott Brown to U. S. Senator? A Republican no less. Comparisons to the Bay State’s secure place in early American history abound, “…the shot heard ‘round the world…”, paraphrased by radio host and writer Mark Steyn, “…the Scott heard ‘round the world.”


I can’t go as far as the First Lady’s expression of novel adult pride in her country, since I’ve always taken pride in Massachusetts’s early history, its literary and academic stature, and of course its venerable athletic traditions, but this is the first time I remember being able to boast about the commonwealth, politically.


It’s exceedingly fitting that a major “shot” fired in our fight to re-dedicate our nation to the U.S. Constitution, happened in John, Sam, and John Quincy Adams’; Paul Revere, and John Hancock’s home state. Now, as happened after the American Revolution’s birth in Lexington and Concord, other states will likely join Massachusetts recommitting to our U.S. Constitution and to constitutional process. 




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