October 09, 2015

“FTP” on Cop’s Coffee Cups and the Belligerent Ignorance of the Left

The assault on the American police officer by the left continues, and the ignorance is appalling. While cops will always concede that there are anomalies among them who do violate policy and law, and who hopefully get caught, as with any industry the vast majority of cops do their jobs very well. And when you consider the rigorous hiring and training process cops go through, it’s probably an even greater percentage of good vs. bad employees than most professions.

This is why the incidents of poor treatment of officers at the hands of certain anti-police employees in the service industry rankles me so much. This treatment includes servers declining to serve cops at some fast-food restaurants and coffee shops (treatment like this at a cop’s coffee shop, like Dunkin’ Donuts? Say it ain’t so…), and employees at MoKoBe’s Coffeehouse, in St. Louis, writing anti-police messages  “FTP” on coffee cups. The last two letters stand for: …the police. I’ll let you figure out what the “F” stands for. In follow-up response to customer complaints, the owners of the company tweeted that “it takes cup graffiti ‘as seriously as the police take murder.’”

One appalled customer of one of the coffee shops said this was especially offensive because she’s seen employees of this shop call the police when they needed help such as in removing aggressive panhandlers and dealing with hostile customers. One customer suggested the coffeehouse may want to “opt-out” of police protection and take care of crime on their own.

I came up with a term many years ago I use to describe this type of ignorance. It is an ignorance not borne out of a simple lack of knowledge, as we all experience, but out of not acknowledging, or wanting to know, the truth.

Take for example: “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” which comes to us from a false scenario perpetrated by Michael Brown’s partner in crime, Dorian Johnson, when he lied to investigators when describing the incident during which Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson shot robbery and felony assault suspect Brown, killing him.

Attorney General Eric Holder made this case a national priority throwing tremendous FBI and DOJ resources at the investigation. Despite that Holder, and the Obama administration, obviously wished for “justice,” but only for Michael and the Brown family, not for the police officer, Holder’s DOJ exonerated Officer Wilson.

Get it? The federal agency in charge of the investigation into the possible violation of civil rights charges against Wilson didn’t find him “Not Guilty,” as in a court of law. Instead, they found the officer acted entirely properly, and that Brown had assaulted Wilson and attempted to take his gun, and that no charges existed that could be filed. Remarkably, to the belligerently ignorant, none of these facts matter.

For the Black Lives Matter crowd (or, Black Lies Matter, as Milwaukee County [WI] Sheriff David Clarke calls the movement), white Officer Darren Wilson shot down in the streets like a dog, an innocent, black man, Michael Brown, who was surrendering with his hands up.  They don’t believe this because this is what happened but because this is what the belligerently ignorant want so desperately to have happened—the truth be damned.

The belligerently ignorant will continue to maintain their ignorance and continue to insult those who protect them, as they—in the recesses of their private thoughts—hope to God the truth does not seep in.


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