November 11, 2009

Steve Pomper

Government Gains Equals Liberty’s Loss



Every government action has an equal and opposite liberty reaction. Okay, perhaps not every action, but I’m trying to make a point here. Every time government grows liberty shrinks. People don’t seem to spend much time thinking about this concept. Too often people are willing to cede their liberties in favor of increasing government rules if they perceive that particular rule as a “good idea.” When this happens, people disregard the loss of liberty they’ve either acceded to, or may even have voted for themselves. What they fail to realize is the very same concept used to infringe on the liberties they care little about can be used to infringe on liberties about which they care a great deal.


The one thing government needs, when it can’t, or perhaps can’t find a way to, use direct force, is some kind of leverage over the people. One favorite form of leverage has been to use environmental issues—both exaggerated valid concerns as well as fabricated concerns such as the 1970’s Ice Age scam and the current manmade Climate Change (the term replacing global warming, as it seems the globe has recently decided to cool for a bit) “crisis.” Our government has used the environment, to one degree or another to usurp people’s property rights and abridge other liberties for decades. Now it seems the United Nations will do the same thing globally if it can get away with it.


Why do they, the Socialist-, Collectivist-, Marxist-leaning in our government, do this? Well, it would be much harder to steal our liberty, “just ‘cause.” They need to get compliance from a certain percentage of us, so on occasion we’ll even vote our own liberty away, piece by piece, until the United States of America becomes unrecognizable from the country our Founders created.


What else is used to usurp liberty? Big government types like to create “public burdens.” This was actually simple to do. First they create an entitlement for those in society deemed “victims,” such as Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. Then they usurp citizens’ rights for “watchdogging” tax money they’ve confiscated from you and then redistributed to those deemed more worthy than you of the fruits of your labor. These laws are called nanny laws i.e. helmet and seatbelt type laws.


The current governing political party is rapidly attempting to bludgeon the American people by creating the most massive public burden to date, the so-called Healthcare Reform Bill. We can only imagine the liberty grab headed our way should this monstrosity become law. Whether or not you support this bill, ask yourself, does buying seven years worth of product, but paying ten years worth of money for it seem like a good deal—even for its supporters. If this portion alone, within the 1,990 pages, isn’t evidence of ideological madness I don’t know what is.


And one more thing; why do Obamacare proponents fall so silent when someone on the other side mentions tort reform, interstate insurance policy purchases, or things such as expanding health savings accounts. These seem like common sense reforms that could be enacted quickly and in a bipartisan manner. The far left’s silence when these reforms are suggested is eerie. Very few on the left even try to debate or argue these suggestions, they just seem to let them pass in conversation until they becomes political vapor, disappearing into the cloud of the next point.


This points up very clearly that for some politicians, especially those on the far left, whom it so happens currently holds government’s reigns, it’s not about reform, it’s about power.



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