January 01, 2012

Steve Pomper


img 08651buy steve bookAnother new year and I trust we’ve committed to give it another go. Time to turn resolutions into commitments. Like we have a choice. Well, not if we count ourselves among those who are driven to better ourselves. For us each new day is New Years Day.

There are so many ways to better ourselves, but the single best way is to be of service to others. Your family, your community, your God. Some people think it’s selfish to focus on ourselves and to making ourselves better. Well, I don’t know about you, but some of the, nicest, most inspiring, most generous, and most successful people I’ve ever met, are people who’ve taken the time to make themselves the best they can be. Then they are ultimately more capable of being of service to others. They don’t focus their attention on other people’s flaws; they focus on their own flaws. Then, in striving to make themselves better, they can help to make other’s lives better.

New Years Day is always a great time to contemplate the future. It’s like the gods crumple up last year’s sheet of paper, tossed it away, and hand us a brand new, clean sheet. We can begin to write a new chapter, make right what we got wrong last year, and strive to do better.

The most important thing is not to waste the gift of time. And I’m not saying this as a person who uses his time to the fullest. I’m saying this as a master time-waster. I’m not proud of that. It’s just the way it happens to be—well, let me correct that. It’s the way it was last year. I have been getting better at using my time over the years. This year I intend to double my efforts to make better use of my time. So, next year I’ll have nothing to improve upon. Yeah, right.

You’ll notice the date of this blog post: 01/01/2012.

So far, so good.

Have a literary, libertarian, and law abiding New Year.


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