December 11, 2007

Stop! In the Name of the Law. 

Hey! Glad you stopped by.

Here’s me: I’m a cop who happens to be a writer, or is it a writer who happens to be a cop–no matter; it keeps me busy. I’ve been a street cop for over fifteen years, a writer much longer, and an author much shorter.

My first book, Is There a Problem, Officer? A Cop’s Inside Scoop on Avoiding Traffic Tickets (The Lyons Press, 2007) is my gift to drivers everywhere who have the nasty habit of talking officers into writing them traffic tickets. Okay, well, since you have to pay for the book it may not be technically a gift, but trust me, the value of the information I provide in my book far exceeds the price on the cover. Avoiding one ticket can more that make up for the book’s cost.

     I’m currently writing a book for The Globe-Pequot Press titled, Seattle Curiosities, which is due out in 2009. I also write fiction, the form for which I have the most affection. I’ve completed one novel, Two Up, which is currently under consideration with a publisher and have another half done. If you like reading short stories I have several available at (Best deal around for under fifty cents.)

     My “thing,” is helping to bridge the understanding gap that sometimes exists between cops and folks, within the realm of traffic and in general, in a no-nonsense, honest, and straight-forward way. I’m also interested in “chatting” with other writers who could benefit from my publishing experiences and from whom I could benefit.

     Any questions, comments, compliments, or daggers to toss, I look forward to hearing from you at:  If you’d like to find out a bit more about me and what I’m up to, please check out:


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