October 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton, Benghazi and The Grinder TV show

I’m going to insert a bit of pop culture into the Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearings. The other night, I was watching this new show called The Grinder (FOX), starring Rob Lowe, Fred Savage and William Devane.

Allow me to set the scene a bit, so you’ll understand my allusion. In a nutshell, Rob Lowe is the TV star of a legal drama: The Grinder—sort of a show within a show. Once the show ends, Lowe’s character returns to his hometown of Boise, Idaho where he joins his father and brother’s family law firm. He convinces his brother to allow him to work there even though Lowe is not a lawyer, but just played one on TV.

In the various legal discussions, Lowe is given leeway, even by lawyers and judges, because he is a good-looking, famous actor. The show is cleverly tongue-in-cheek, and this is where Hillary comes in.

The scene goes something like this: A lawyer states an obvious fact that everyone in the conference room agrees to be true, such as: “So, we all know that she never did that.” And Lowe interjects, “But, what if she did?” The lawyer repeats, “But, we know she didn’t.” Lowe repeats, “But, what if she did?” The exasperated lawyer says, “What does that mean?”


This scene, generally, put me in mind of Hillary Clinton and congressional hearings, or maybe it’s just me:

Senator Jefferson Smith: “Secretary Clinton, we know the attack on the embassy had nothing to do with that video.”

Secretary Clinton: “Yes, Senator Smith. But what if it did?”

Senator Smith: “But it didn’t.”

Secretary Clinton: “Yes, I know. But what if it did?”

Senator Smith: “What does that mean? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Secretary Clinton: “Or maybe it makes too much sense.”


Or maybe it’s just me.



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