March 23, 2010

Steve Pomper

How Dare Obama and Pelosi Invoke the Founding Fathers

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In one of the more bazaar incidents of the Obamacare onslaught, this one occurring in the immediate aftermath, both Speaker Pelosi and President Obama had the temerity to invoke the Founding Fathers.


 Ms. Pelosi commented on how this health care bull, sorry, I mean bill, was somehow in the spirit of our Founder’s vision for America, even citing a greater degree of liberty. And if my head wasn’t already about to completely spin off my shoulders, Mr. Obama cited, “…of the People, by the People, and for the People…,” come on—I can’t take it!


To invoke the spirit and words of our Founding Fathers, who created a country, the first ever in the history of the world conceived in individual liberty, when they’ve just rammed through Congress with not a single vote from the opposition party, and having lost thirty-four from their own, spits on our founding documents and certainly on the memory of our Founders.


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