March 14, 2019

Howard Schultz: Independent for President. Not vote for him, but I might have at least listened, but not now.

Since I’m a retired Seattle cop and active Starbuck’s coffee drinker before and after my career, I feel somewhat qualified to make an observation about former Starbuck’s CEO, and possible independent presidential candidate, Howard Schultz.

He was speaking with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto, and something surprising happened. I found myself listening to what Shultz had to say. Though I’m a fan of his coffee company (though Café Vita still has the best coffee in Seattle), I haven’t been a fan of his political philosophy as demonstrated through Starbuck’s. Issues such as its anti-gun and pro-drug user/vagrant loitering stance.

Schultz was lamenting the intense political divisions in American government, politics, and society today. He said neither party is getting much done for the people. He seems to support capitalism—at least more than the 79 Dem candidates, and I can get behind that. He also supports increased taxes on the rich, which I’m not settled on, depending on the amount, but that’s just a political difference.

My listening to Mr. Schultz ended after Cavuto asked Mr. Anti-divisive politics if he gives credit for the “strong market to this president or the last president.” Schultz said, as if he had a mouthful of excrement, “I don’t give this president credit for much—no.”

Schultz declining to give any credit to Trump—credit where credit is due, and all that, lost me. President Trump’s economic accomplishments have been remarkable by any objective standards. Refusing to recognize this “uniting” news, by a candidate who laments the ills of divisiveness, betrays his bias and is divisive.

Now, I’m not saying I would vote for Schultz over Trump—I wouldn’t. But, for a moment, he seemed like a reasonable person whose ideas I might at least listen to. But his toxic negativity toward President Trump shows me he’s just another member of the politically divisive club.

Hate President Trump, fine. But even President Trump, though divisive himself at times, doesn’t hesitate to compliment his political opponents on occasion—even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But for Schultz not to give the President credit for legitimate accomplishments is petty—and divisive.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten he lost his home town’s pro basketball team: the former NBA world champion (1979) Seattle Supersonics. Yeah, that still hurts!


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