December 13, 2010

Steve Pomper

Is What’s Mine, Really Mine?

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The progressives have gone absolutely around the bend lately. “F— the president;” filibuster the president; replace the president. Wow! What a delightfully cannibalistic bunch the Democrats are these days.

One prominent, but incredibly annoying, gnat of a congressman contends that the government isn’t imposing the so-called, “Death Tax,” against the person who acquired, and had already been taxed for, the money over his lifetime, because he’s dead. Instead, the government is imposing the tax on the person to whom the dead person wished to leave it, because they didn’t “earn” it.

So, are we to believe there’s no longer such a thing as an estate? How can there be? If a person can’t dictate what should be done with “all” of his or her property when he or she dies, then why should anyone have a will at all? If the government can assume authority over a portion of a person’s property, it can assume authority over all of it.

According to this tortured progressive philosophy, once you’re dead, you’re dead, and your wishes are null and void. Where in the Constitution is the government given the power to dictate where any part of private citizens’ property should go after you die, or for that matter, while you’re still alive?

If some philanthropist leaves money to some charity when he dies, should the government also have the right to interfere with that gift? Why not? Who cares about the wealthy person’s wishes? After all, he or she is dead—good riddance, I suspect the progressives think. Another selfish, decadent, and “evil” rich person gone. Stealing from a dead rich person is easier than stealing from a live rich person.

How is my money, which I’ve earned by expending my time and life’s energy, any less mine than my car, my bike, or for that matter, my kidneys? What gives the government the right to take anything that’s mine, and by force?


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