October 28, 2010

Steve Pomper

Molest campaign signs; step on the flag.

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I heard a radio host last week talking about some guy who’s been riding his motorcycle around the greater Seattle area in the middle of the night slashing political signs with a box cutter. What kind of person does this?

One who holds republican democracy in contempt.

Think about what a person like this is willing to do. They obviously have no compunction subverting the American election process. This devious tack is effective in that, some folks find out about candidates first, sometimes only, through these signs.

The thing is, when the public is continually barraged by negative political ads, it’s no wonder such ancillary activities occur. I’m not talking about ads portraying the legitimate record of a candidate, which may indeed be negative. I’m talking about outright lies some tell about each other.

If a candidate or their supporters are willing to lie to defeat an opponent, then is it a stretch to imagine someone would damage or abscond with a campaign sign? Not really.

I could no more steal or vandalize a political sign with which I disagree, than I could place an American flag on the ground and step on it. To me, the two acts are one in the same.


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