February 07, 2009

Steve Pomper

New Glory

me2     One fringe benefit of a liberal Democrat being elected President of the United States seems to be a newfound, “universal” affinity for the American Flag. I’ve noticed, quite happily I might add, that many on the left side of the political spectrum have found a new love, or at least respect, for the flag. Previously there seemed to be a prevalent view that the American Flag was somehow an exclusive symbol of the political right. In fact, many on the left often blame those on the right for “appropriating” the flag as their own.

     There is a reason for this: The right has never abandoned their reverence for Old Glory. There was a time, probably right up to the 1960s, when both sides of the political aisle honored the flag as their own, if in their own disparate ways. For example, sewn-on patches were all the rage in the 60s and 70s and many hippies sewed patches on their jackets and jeans (sometimes to cover holes on their butts), which were fashioned in various variations (or mutilations) of the American Flag, peace symbols, ecology, etc., but at least it was being positively acknowledged, if not honored, in their minds, rather than rebuked entirely.

     I’m just waiting for the disillusionment that’s sure to come at least to some degree—being president is hard. Then we’ll learn: Will the left abandon the flag again or will more Americans honoring our flag remain one of the surviving benefits of the election of President Obama?


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