March 09, 2012

Steve Pomper

Not welcome in the room.

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Once a politician has risen to the level of U.S. President, how can one forget, or ignore, they are president of all the American people. Even when they do not agree with every diverse opinion, they can at least respect the people who have them, so long as they are peaceful, and not seem contemptuous of them.

I respect the office of the President of the United States, but I do not think my president, President Obama, respects the office of Citizen of the United States. The way Mr. Obama conducts himself at press conferences, public appearances, and campaign events seems more like the coach of one team talking about disliked and disrespected players on the other.

I disagree with President Jimmy Carter on most issues, and my job allowed me to meet the President several years ago. He was gracious. I disagree with President Bill Clinton on most issues (not as many as with Mr. Carter), but again, I was privileged to meet Mr. Clinton while on duty. He was not only gracious, but also downright charming and friendly. In fact, during a briefing before an event, security told us to try not to make eye contact with the President, because he liked to talk to cops.

It is different with President Obama. While, as I said, I largely disagreed with Presidents Carter and Clinton politically, I never felt as an American that I would not be welcome in the room. When I hear our current President speak, I get the feeling I would not be welcome in the room.


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