February 28, 2015

Steve Pomper

Onslaught against American liberty is never ending.

Seattle– Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously spoke about an American’s right to be let alone. Perhaps, someone could remind the left about this right. Sadly, that someone would likely be wasting his or her breath.

I heard a caller to a radio program the other day talk about why he felt conservatives and libertarians aren’t hitting the streets to protest the incessant government growth and relentless interference in people’s lives.

The caller suggested that the right doesn’t often engage in mass public protests because the onslaught of government interference is never ending. You’d plan one protest, and by the day of that protest, there would be another violation to protest. He’s right. Every day, I get up in the morning and wonder what else my government is going to do to control my life.

Obama-care, Obama-net, Obama-gration, Obama-gun-control, etc. Or, perhaps I should rename the latter: Obama-bullet-control.

It’s hard to protest everything so the right protests nothing—at least, not by marching in the streets, which is not in a conservative’s nature. Besides, they’re too busy working.

It strikes me as the ultimate irony that the left, who ostensibly want to remove any worries people might have from cradle to grave, constantly provide me with nothing but worry.


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