March 17, 2010

Steve Pomper

Pelosi’s Preposterous Proposition

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Another day, another scam. Now Pelosi and her minion (I know, minion sounds so trite, but you have to agree, it really suits her) are flouting the Constitution—I know, big surprise—attempting to “deem” the House version of the Health Care bill passed without voting on it. WITHOUT VOTING ON IT! And Madison spins in his grave.


How in the world can any average American Democrat continue to support this attack against Constitutional process? I’m not talking about the Health Care Bill, but in how the Democrats use machinations, maneuverings, and manipulations—political gymnastics, to pass it this past fourteen months.


If they get away with it, just think about what that mean for future Congresses. Why wouldn’t the law-making process continue to disintegrate into something where Congress becomes virtually irrelevant. It would leave the House Speaker, Senate Leader, and President free to simply create law arbitrarily like some Machiavellian triumvirate.


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