April 01, 2010

Steve Pomper

Placate the Right; Wink and Nod to the Left

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So, now President Obama, after ramming Healthcare down America’s throat, has suddenly turned his campaign promises to the eco-maniacs on their heads, has had a fossil fuel epiphany, and decided to allow oil drilling off the east coast. Things that make you go: Hmmmmm?


What is expected now? Does the Obama administration expect America’s conservatives to bow down, because of the President’s ostensible Clintonian shift to the right? Well, they might expect it, thinking as they do how dumb the average American is, especially on the political right.


However, Americans are smart enough to figure out that, just like every other time when reasonable folks attempt to drill for oil in America or build a nuclear power plant, America’s green thugs skitter out of the woodwork like cockroaches to sue the government and keep them bungled up in court for years, and, of course, putting any drilling off for the duration.


Now, I’m just a lowly conservative-libertarian street cop and I’ve thought of this. Anyone out there think our brilliant, Harvard-educated attorney president, surrounded by some of the most adept, albeit diabolical, political strategists the left has to offer, didn’t think of that too?


The President gets to make this hollow gesture and then is able to complain when conservatives attack the move as such, while at the same time he gets to wink and nod at the eco-fools as they skip to court to file their papers. Well, I’m not sure the President realizes just how politically savvy the public is becoming; but I’m sure he’ll realize it come November. 




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