September 26, 2009

Steve Pomper

Police Officers and Teachers Need to be Professionally Objective.


I was terribly uncomfortable, to say the least, with the recent YouTube video showing a teacher leading public grammar school children in singing an adapted “Spiritual,” for which the words had been altered to reflect deference to President Obama. Even more uncomfortable were those in the school administration who actually defended this display of citizen prostration to a political leader.


This isn’t arguably indoctrination; it’s obviously blatant indoctrination and exploitation of innocent children. The thing that slaps me in the face is if you asked the responsible teacher if she’d have done the same thing for President Bush, she’d likely have looked at you as if you’d grown two additional heads.


The sad thing is folks who support President Obama to this hyperventilating a degree actually see nothing wrong with this type of behavior, even in a public school. They are so indoctrinated themselves with their left-wing ideology, they no longer have the intellectually honesty, the academic integrity, or apparently the minimal objectivity to understand just how wrong this behavior is.


Perhaps I could explain it this way: As you all know I’m a police officer. Let’s say I was a big Senator John McCain supporter and after learning that a traffic violator I’ve pulled over was a President Obama supporter, I decided, exclusively on that basis, to issue them a citation? Is this any different? I’d argue it’s not. Both situations demand political objectivity on the part of a public servant. While I might be libertarian-conservative in my private political life, my political opinion has no place in how I conduct myself as a law enforcement officer.


I could disagree with President Obama supporters on most issues—and I do. However, it would be immoral, unethical, and just plain wrong for me to color any law enforcement actions with my or any other person’s political affinities.


I don’t support the vast majority of President Obama’s agenda; I think he’s proving himself a bad leader for the kind of exceptional country our Founders intended. However, I defy anyone to discern my political philosophy based solely on how I conduct myself as a police officer when dealing with the public. Sadly, we cannot say the same of those teachers and administrators.





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