March 15, 2010

Steve Pomper

President Obama vs. the American People

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So here we are down to crunch time on Health Care—again! And don’t be fooled for a moment. Based on most reputable polls, this isn’t Democrat vs. Republican, or even liberal Democrat vs. Blue-Dog Democrat; this is President Obama vs. the American People.


I can’t think of a time in my life, or in anything I can remember in American history, where the government was more hell-bent on passing a bill, and wasted so much time and energy in the attempt, regardless of its citizen’s strongly contrary feelings. The vehemence against this thing is palpable.


Supporters of Obamacare will bend and skew anything to their benefit in trying to pass this thing. They say they’re simply doing what Republicans did when they used “reconciliation,” conveniently forgetting that reconciliation was specifically intended for budget issues and that those bills passed with bipartisan support, and conveniently ignoring their own Senator Robert Byrd’s, strong denunciation earlier in the decade.


Supporters claim President Obama is bravely doing what he thinks is best for the American people, even though they oppose it, just like President Bush did with the surge in Iraq. Hold the phone; just like? I don’t think so.


The U.S. Constitution gives the President Commander-in-Chief authority over the military; the U.S. Constitution gives the President no such authority over America’s private healthcare system. Never mind apples and oranges; this is like comparing apples and aircraft carriers.


If President Obama manages to bend enough spines and commits this assault against his own people; it would actually be politically beneficial to my side (libertarian/conservative/independent—you know, the 9/12 Project-Tea Party “Mob”).


However, the reason “my side” is working so hard to defeat this regardless, is—well, for one thing, we have the right to self-defense—because it would be bad for America. Screw the parties, this is horrible for America and we need to fight right up until the last moment possible.


And if Obamacare does manage to pass, we’ll have yet another fight on our hands, unable to relax our keen eye on our own government, unable to simply go about pursuing our happiness, unable to simply enjoy being Americans, but I believe we’re up to it. 


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