January 25, 2010

Steve Pomper

Progressives Espouse using Force against Peaceful People

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Anyone who’s studied libertarian/conservative political philosophy realizes that a key issue is government use of force against peaceful and free people. Many people may not think of it this way, but when the government mandates something, they’re basically doing it at the point of a gun. This may be figurative, but in essence the result is the same as if it were literal, which in some instances it can rise to: comply or pay, either with your money or your freedom.


Now, sometimes as a society we agree to these mandates through duly voted laws that modify behaviors to keep people safe from other people who would harm them. Violent and property crimes, fraud, and traffic codes are, for the most part, government mandates, which protect people and are necessary. But what happens when government compels behaviors from peaceful, supposedly free, people, which are not designed to keep people safe, but are designed toward social engineering? When government oversteps its constitutionally intended function and uses force against the people’s God-given liberty, it should be obvious to any American, it’s gone too far.


With this in mind it’s curious that so many on the political left espouse ostensibly pacifistic leanings supporting anti-death penalty, anti-gun, anti-war, and the like—so called—peace policies. However, it’s interesting that these peaceniks seem to have no qualms advocating for government force in order to get people to comply with collectivist edicts they support. They wouldn’t slap a hand across your face (at least that’s what they would like you to believe), but they’re perfectly fine with the government forcibly taking your freedom, bit by bit, as well as your wealth (your property), which is then transferred to someone the government has deemed more deserving of it than the person who has created it—you.


If war is the use of force, and force is violence or the threat of it, and the far left says war is always wrong, that you can’t solve violence with violence, then how can they support any government force against any peaceful people. Shouldn’t folks be consistent in their philosophy? I’m just askin’.


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