February 14, 2008

Radio Interview

The interview on radio station WAQY FM 102 in Springfield, Mass. for the Bax & O’Brien show, went well this morning. I liked their style; not serious at all. I had a great time. The interview will air tomorrow morning. The station can be received online at www.rock102.com .

Funny, I still get nervous before these shows even though I’ve done plenty of them now. Here’s how I prepare, for any of you who might be in a similar situation. I get up at least forty-five minutes before the interview and either stretch or do a brief work out. I glance at a note sheet on my subject, but I don’t use it for the interview. It’s best to just talk without notes; after all, you’re already an expert on what they’re going to ask you about. I read the notes out loud just to get my voice ready. Otherwise, the first thing out of your mouth may be mistaken for my pet frog.

I make a cup of coffee (at least half-caf) and begin drinking it fifteen to twenty minutes before the interview. Coffee tends to make me chatty, which helps for obvious reasons. I find the station’s website on the net and if they offer it, I listen live. This is better for live interviews than taped, because I’ve had good responses from hosts when I mention something they were talking about before our interview. I also have a glass of water or juice nearby if I need to clear a tickle in my throat. I find cold beverages are better than hot for that purpose.

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