December 03, 2015

San Bernardino: Radical Islamic Terrorism? Really? But, What Evidence Do You Have?

My head hurts after listening to today’s mainstream press reportage gymnastics. Ouch!

Last night, at around ten o’clock, I watched the day’s last reports about the atrocious San Bernardino terrorist attack. At that time, law enforcement hadn’t determined if it was terrorism or “workplace violence.” I think the fact it was terrorism, of whatever variety, is quiet plain. The variety was the question. Yesterday, I’ll agree, despite inciting comments made by prominent Democrats, as if they had reached their preferred conclusions, the puzzle pieces weren’t all there.

On the news this morning, investigators had established more facts: The suspects had visited Saudi Arabia recently (Tashfeen Malik (wife) is from Saudi Arabia). Syed Rizwan Farook (husband) had recently grown a beard and began wearing—I believe it’s called a Taqiyah (Muslim cap)both attributes common to devout Muslims. According to, following a search, some law enforcement officials described the suspects’ apartment as an “I.E.D. factory.” And the couple left their six-month-old baby girl with Farook’s parents. Finally, a neighbor explained seeing the couple working in their garage every night and receiving packages during the day (she said she thought about reporting to the police but didn’t want to be accused of racism—see something; say something, eh?) had an article from Reuters with the head-scratching title: “Couple’s motive in California rampage a mystery for police, family.” ABC radio news reported, to the effect, that terrorism couldn’t be ruled out, but it could also be workplace violence. As I’m watching, listening, and reading these news reports, I felt as if I were watching an episode of Wheel of Fortune, and the contestant had guessed every letter of the “mystery” word except the last in T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S- and just couldn’t seem to guess the last letter… “O?” “G?” “is it, P? I’m sorry, Pat. I’m just not getting it!”  


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