January 12, 2016

Seattle Chief O’Toole, Being Recognized for “fixing” a Problem that Didn’t Exist

First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has invited Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole to sit with her at her husband’s State of the Union Show tonight. I say show because, though I hoped for a nod toward unifying our divided country, President Obama intends to spotlight an empty chair representing those killed by “gun violence.” I wonder if Chief O’Toole will ask why not an empty chair to represent fallen police officers? I wonder if the thought would even occur to any of them?

I don’t hold it against Chief O’Toole that she’d accept such an invitation. After all, she is a liberal hero in a traditionally male role. From what I understand, the White House invited her for all she has done to rescue the SPD from its KKK-esque, “lawlessness” as determined by the DOJ and for her efforts to restore the SPD to “competence,” as defined by the political left—meaning, the ruining of a formerly enormously successful police agency.

There is a huge problem with the above premise: The SPD needed no rescuing or restoring. Before the Department of Justice arrived in town, the Seattle Police Department was already considered one of the finest and most emulated law enforcement agencies in America. If it weren’t for Seattle’s leftwing losers in City Hall and their bending to the will of a fraudulent DOJ investigation and conclusion, the SPD would still be known as one of the best police departments in the nation, and I—and many other prematurely, retired officers—would still be serving the people of Seattle.

The problem, is what the progressives see as “wrong” policing are just methods with which they disagree, politically. Their objections are not based on whether a law enforcement department is effective. The left objects to the way law enforcement needs to be done, in reality, to be effective. If that weren’t the case, the DOJ wouldn’t need to fabricate problems with police departments, that don’t exist, or foster myths such as “Hands up don’t shoot,” to create problems that don’t exist.

Think about it. We still have people, highly respected and highly educated, who maintain the police are out to kill young, black men. Last night on The Kelly File, Tavis Smiley, when asked about the current police public relations problems, blamed the cops for the problem because they shoot young black men. Smiley asserts this falsehood despite clear evidence from Obama’s own DOJ and FBI statistics that show no evidence that police officers are shooting young black men in any numbers that amount to an epidemic—not even close.

The political left needs to reinforce the false narrative they started. This is why, tonight, Chief O’Toole will be among the window dressing Obama intends to feature during his show. President Obama is recognizing a police chief who is being acknowledged for her work “rehabilitating” a police department that needed no rehabilitation.


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