March 12, 2013

It Happened in Seattle

Seattle hires racist teachers?


Why does the social justice capitol known as the City of Seattle hire so many racist teachers and administrators? You may be as surprised to hear this question, as I am to pose it. But this must be the case considering the news report for the past few days in the Seattle media. It seems the Feds believe that minority students—wait, let me amend that—certain minorities (it’s not all minority groups) are punished more often and harsher than their white counterparts. So, why doesn’t Seattle stop hiring so many racists to teach their kids and administer their schools? Wouldn’t that be the simple solution?

One Seattle teacher interviewed on a radio news report blamed the termination of a program, five years ago, which focused on so-called “racial justice,” in the schools. I’m just a dumb cop, but I always thought equal justice was the American standard, and as far as I know, Seattle is still in America. Anyway, what would I know about this subject after working in the criminal justice system for twenty years?

Or, could it be that the Feds are setting the table to expand their influence in this town and proclaim that Seattle’s educators and administrators are also racists who abuse their authority, and who need oversight, just like they did to Seattle’s cops. Who’s next, Seattle City Light workers?

Could there be factors other than racism that account for the disparity in punishments? Of course there could be and most likely this is the case. Who believes that Seattle’s teachers, these bastions of liberalism and social justice adherents, are a racist lot? Perhaps some of them may be guilty of the soft racism of paternalism, but certainly not of punishment disparity according to race.

You may notice that the reports are conspicuously lacking a specific villain. The folks advocating for the existence of racism in Seattle Public Schools tend to use passive language. They tell us only what is happening, but they don’t tell us exactly who’s doing it. You can be sure if they could find one Republican or conservative within the school system, they’d certainly blame him or her. But since there are virtually none (at least none willing to admit it), they can’t accuse anyone of doing anything, just that something nefarious is afoot. At least with the police department, there are plenty of evil, racist conservatives to blame.


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