May 24, 2016

Seattle-ist Utopia

It’s all about government control

Totalitarian and other coercive regimes, such as Communism, Fascism, and Nazism; Democratic Socialism, Fabian Socialism, and Progressivism, by definition, are all infamous for their desire to control of the populace to one point or another–the former trio, to the point of extreme violence. They prove that government equals force, which is necessary when reasonable.


In some cases, with intrusive big government, it simply usurps the means of production by directly taking over and controlling industry. In other cases, such as in Seattle, the government takes over industry simply by (over) regulating it. The Seattle City Council provides us with apt examples that demonstrate how to use government force against one group of citizens ostensibly for the benefit of another group of citizens. At best, this is akin to leveling the proverbial three-legged stool. At worst, it is, as Alexis de Tocqueville called it, “soft tyranny.”



Seattle’s city council has cloaked itself in self-righteousness and armed itself with its interpretation of appropriate government actions and set out on a regulatory pogrom against the city’s business community. Rather than protecting its citizens rights, providing a positive business environment, and safeguarding against fraud, theft, and violence against the city’s merchants, Seattle would rather use the force of government to coerce city businesses to comply with its singular, socialist version of the world.


No free market in Seattle

In Seattle, no longer are supposedly free Americans allowed to conduct their own business affairs in a free market. The Seattle City Council has legislated sick time standards, a fifteen-dollar minimum wage, and now plans to legislate and regulate how employers schedule their employees. A recent Seattle Times article lists the various employees of Seattle businesses whining. I recognize the whines because I’ve had them myself about businesses I’ve worked for in the past. All employees have them. Last I checked, no one is forcing anyone to work for Starbuck’s or Amazon, which are hardly sweat shops.


Seattle City Council’s very own Monopoly Board

When the manufacturers of the board game Monopoly produced a “Seattle” Version, who knew it would come to life. How nice it must be to play with the city’s businesses as if it’s your very own Monopoly game, moving pieces around as you see fit regardless of a lack of business acumen all in the name of “worker’s rights.” Hmmm, why does that have a familiar ring? Oh, right. That’s the same tack Socialism and Communism uses.


Seattle City Council knows best

As reported in the Seattle Times by Daniel Beekman, “Washington Restaurant Association President Anthony Anton said Thursday in a statement: “We are concerned about what a mandated restrictive scheduling policy could mean to our employees and our businesses. We want to ensure restrictive scheduling policies won’t defy a crucial cornerstone of restaurant employment — flexibility.”


Bubble won’t last forever—especially with Socialist City Council.

Seattle is currently benefiting from being in an economic bubble compared to many American cities. However, history tells us the bubble will not last. In fact, Seattle seems to be doing a good job making sure it doesn’t. I don’t know about you folks, but when my family decides to go out, we no longer choose Seattle. Why? To list just a few, the parking, the tolerance for aggressive bums, the Draconian parking rules, and the tolerance for crime—just to name a few.


Still aiming for Socialist Utopia

As Seattle’s leftists are demonstrating, they will never stop in their quest for a socialist Utopia. Who thinks that once they get this regulation that they will be content? No, they’re on a mission to force the world to conform to their view of how life should be lived.


If I get my way, you get your way

To reiterate a point I’ve made in the past that gives me comfort that my political view is enlightened and superior to the leftists—liberals, progressives, statists. If I get my way, everyone lives their lives as they choose is best for them without infringing on others’ rights to do the same. If they get their way, everyone lives life as they choose is best for others using the force of government.


As a Seattle billboard proclaimed in the 1970s…

It seems Seattle’s leftist government will not stop until it has forced every last business out of town. To reiterate the message from a 1971 billboard displaying an infamous message, “Will the Last Person Leaving SEATTLE — Turn Out the Lights.”


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