June 19, 2015

So, You Think You Can Do Police Work Better Than a Cop?

While every organization can improve, law enforcement agencies included, to essentially use it as an excuse to federalize local law enforcement is contrary to our federal system. What happens when the feds interfere is that society is no longer looking at what is right for law enforcement, generally, but rather what is right for, in this case, liberal Democrat ideology. There is a sage old adage that proffers: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Another adage also comes to mind: A society/community will get the police force it deserves.

I’ll ask you, regarding the McKinney, Texas police officer at the out-of-control pool party (and, without assuming the officer’s actions were right or wrong): What would you have done in the officer’s place? Now, while your busy fabricating a solution while sitting in the safety of your computer, tablet or smart phone, keep this little tidbit in mind: assume the girl refuses to comply with any lawful command YOU give her. Often times, in people’s minds they substitute what actually happened to the cop with what they feel certainly would have happened if they were to handle the situation instead. Amazing how much goes right in your head. Often, people feel as though they would have the “magic” words that would have made the suspect/subject comply. Cops wish.

This is why I asked you, while you’re building your own mental scenario, to assume she never complies. If you need this person to cooperate, after a demonstrable history of refusing to do so after many police commands, you are left with few options, none of them pretty. You can let her leave (although, I don’t know why she would, when she hasn’t up to now), which diminishes police authority and respectability. Her behavior has determined that physical force is the only practical and reasonable alternative left to the cops.

Civilized society simply cannot allow her, or anyone, to interfere with law enforcement with impunity. People simply cannot pick and choose the police commands they will obey. Think about this for a moment. Cops don’t have time to debate or discuss police actions with everyone. Police officers are taught to be aware of their 360 (360 degrees around them) for potential attack. This is why a cop needs to get a situation under control as soon as possible. This reduces the chance of officer and citizen injury. Add this to your scenario. What is happening out of your field of view, behind your back? Are you willing to bet your wellbeing or life that there is no threat there? Many injured and dead officers have done just that… to their peril and tragedy. I’d be most interested in hearing any (reasonable, please) alternatives.


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