May 11, 2010

Steve Pomper

South Padre Island, Texas-Howdy, Paradise!

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Just got back from South Padre Island, Texas where my wife and I attended a great event for my police/firefighter motorcycle club. We’d never been to Texas, and you’d think we might have since the darned place is so big you could easily wind up there at some point—even by accident.

We found it similar to Hawaii in look and feel, but without the sea-foam teal water or sweet scent in the air. But these were minor differences, and didn’t detract from the great time we had. All the Texans we met were extremely polite, genuinely friendly, and hospitable. The ubiquitous displays of American patriotism were stirring.

And politically speaking, (you knew I couldn’t resist at least one comment) my wife and I commented that, some conservative/libertarian folks are saying, “If America fails there will be no place left on earth to go to find liberty.” They’re wrong; like U.S. Representative Davy Crockett of Tennessee reportedly said, “You can all go to hell; I’m goin’ to Texas.”

We’ll certainly be back—hopefully just for vacation.


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