February 28, 2010

Steve Pomper

Tea Party Anniversary: Northgate, Seattle, WA

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Today my wife and I were privileged to attend the Tea Party recharge rally at Northgate. People’s signs were chuckle-provoking and inspirational and we got this sense, along with several folks we spoke with, that we Tea Partiers, we proud members of the “angry mob,” just may be getting our sea legs for this demonstration stuff after all. And judging by the number of one-fingered salutes Seattle liberals, who were kind enough to make the effort, shot at us, we’re certainly having an impact. Their looks of pained contempt were priceless. However, the honks and thumbs-up of support far outnumbered those flipping us, what my old English teacher used to call, the: Digitus Imputicus—yes, even in Seattle.


It’s curious how the left maintains such contempt for us Tea Party patriots simply practicing a political expression the left had turned into a veritable art form over the last half century—well, minus the violence and trash.


When we attended the seminal Tea Party at Westlake in Seattle last year we stood uncomfortably with other virgin demonstrators, our hearts open to accepting a new and necessary patriotic movement. The one thing we feared was that this movement would lose momentum or die completely. Well, a year later we’re refreshed, reinvigorated; where as we felt somewhat out of place last year, today we felt like we were exactly where we were supposed to be expressing our First Amendment rights with exactly the people we were supposed to be with.


The timing seems right for the convergence of a perfect political storm this fall, and we anticipate a terrifying tempest—for the left, and a magnificent future for America. 


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