July 21, 2010

Steve Pomper

The corrupt mainstream media

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Today I quit wondering why the President still enjoys remarkably high poll numbers (actually they are freakishly low after only eighteen months, but still relatively high), considering the damage he and his progressive party have done, and continue to do, to our country, ramming their progressive agenda down American’s throats, as we gasp for a breath of free air.

With the revelation of the Journo list group by www.thedailycaller.com, we are privileged to witness a classic display of the left-wing media choosing the, political ends justifying the journalistic means over journalistic integrity.

To bring up to speed those of you who depend on the so-called mainstream media for your news, the Journo list is an online group of some 400 columnists and journalists from around the nation who, during the last presidential elections, apparently utilized their list for the express purpose of aiding in the election of Barack Obama to the U.S. Presidency, by influencing how news stories were covered.

One of the explicit things the Journo list group did was to discuss ways to shield the then Senator/candidate Obama from the fallout of a brewing Rev. Jeremiah Wright scandal. Discussed were tactics such as skewing the story or burying the story in various ways.

Another member, remarkably, and ironically, a journalist ostensibly charged with fairly covering conservatives during the election, suggested a different tack: Accuse some prominent Republican of racism for opposing a “black” candidate—and I suppose, a “black” reverend too. Two conservatives specifically mentioned were Fred Barnes, executive editor of the Weekly Standard and Karl Rove, President G.W. Bush’ former chief of staff. Although the “journalist” did add that he really didn’t care which prominent Republican they accused.

This isn’t simply hardcore politics; this is diabolical, especially since this wasn’t emanating from some Democratic Party group, it was oozing out of a group of ostensibly mainstream media folks. So, if you ever wonder why some folks are still supporting the President and the Democrats despite their abysmal performance; you can relax now–the cat’s out of the bag.


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