April 12, 2013

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The Left’s Grand Deceit: “Common Sense” Gun Control.

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Interesting how we’re currently hearing that some poll ostensibly finds that 90% of Americans support Obama’s new gun law, in particular, the expanded background check, which would amount to virtual gun registration.

However, something interesting happens on the way to subsequent polls; People became informed, and their positions began to change. It’s easy to support background checks when presented in a void. They seem like the “common sense” gun laws the liberals are consistently touting.

Once people begin to understand the unintended consequences of background checks such as: Do I need to pay fifty bucks for the forms and have my 15-year old son get a background check when I buy him a .22 rifle for his birthday? Then do I have to maintain the forms? For how long? What will happen to me if I don’t maintain the forms, or if I lose them? Has my 15-year old son or 16-year old daughter committed a felony I’m unaware of, or has she been committed to a mental institution without my knowledge? Unless she was transported by the local public school to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, I, as her parent, am likely to know about such important issues involving my child, making a background check unnecessary.

People also engage in these mental self-deceptions when they consider, “Just how many bullets do people need?” type questions. It seems people tend to create clean and tidy little scenarios in their heads as to what comprises a self-defense situation such as a home invasion. It appears that many people believe one robber will break in and seven bullets, from a handgun, or non-scary, non-assault rifle, should do the trick.

Well, what if two armed criminals commit the home invasion? What about three, or four. In my experience home-invasion robberies normally include more than one criminal. They use speed, terror, and violence to intimidate their victims. The only thing that will turn the tables on these thugs is when the victim becomes the predator, surprising the criminals with superior firepower.

The left is currently involved in a grand deceit: If you don’t believe exactly as they do, you want to make it easier, as our illustrious president said, “to gun down our children”. Yes, that’s what we conservatives and libertarians want. Give me a break!

Many on the left—even the far left—admit that none of the current proposed new gun laws would have made a difference in any of the high-profile shootings of the recent past. Does this deter them? Hell no! What in the world does logic have any place in this argument? Do something. Do anything. Will it work? Who cares? Just do it!

Let me close with a necessary cliché: The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. As someone who’s dedicated over two decades to being a good guy with a gun, this is anything but cliché to me.


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