August 11, 2010

Steve Pomper

The Literary Agent-Bomb

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It’s funny how, as a writer, you can wait, and wait, and wait…what was I saying? Oh, yeah, and wait, for a break—little or big. However, while waiting in this biz is unavoidable, overt effort is often necessary.

When I got my first agent, I’d just engaged in, to paraphrase recent political parlance, an agent-bomb; frustrated with the one-at-a-time deal advocated by, of course, agents, I sent queries to about thirty. I heard back from about six, considered four, and signed with the one who contacted me within fifteen minutes of my query. She sold my book within six weeks. (Which lead to two other books).

The other day, prompted by similar frustration, I did a similar “bomb,” but didn’t go nearly as “nuclear,” and sent queries out to four agents. I’ve heard back from two, one within a day requesting I send the entire manuscript, and the other within three days requesting she might represent me if I tweak a few minor things in the book’s construction.

So, don’t sit back waiting for something to happen; go out and make it happen. The worst that will happen is they’ll say, “No!” Oh, and they will say, “No! No! No!” But every once in a while they’ll surprise you with that, oh-so-sweet, “Yes!”


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