January 02, 2010

Steve Pomper

The New Year

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Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Years Eve and Day—the Holiday Season has passed, probably too quickly for most and not quickly enough for others. I’d like to think everyone had a wonderful time, and though many of us were fortunate to have had such, I know that’s not true for all, especially this past year.


Criminal vermin viciously executed six Puget Sound region police officers in less than two months time. We can only hope and pray these fine officer’s families and friends can find some solace in the fact that their loved ones left this life in what is nearly universally deemed the highest price any person can pay: to have sacrificed ones life in the service of others—strangers.


I suspect at this time this realization sits lightly somewhere in the back of loved one’s minds, but with healing time, this truth will come to occupy, with the significance it deserves, a special place in each heart.




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