February 23, 2011

Steve Pomper

The Thin Blue Line–Still Holding Strong.

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As should be obvious, but sadly isn’t to some, I speak only for myself, and by no stretch of the imagination do I speak for any other person or institution.

The Thin Blue Line stands for that tenuous barrier that exists between the community and the criminals. I’ll contend now that the Thin Blue Line also stands for the last line of defense of liberty in a community under assault by social justice tyrants.

And by Thin Blue Line, I’m not talking about the police department as a whole, I’m talking about rank and file police officers, detectives, and sergeants—those people who actually show up on your doorstep when you call 911, or investigate your crimes so the criminals face justice for harming you or stealing your property.

It’s become clear, in cities run by ideological progressives, there’s a new political machine in town. No longer content to be mainstream lefties who simply want to impose higher taxes on the productive and then spend the money on whomever is the victim class of the moment, they are now openly violating the Constitution with their push for social justice, which, as they practice it, works in direct opposition to equal justice.

We cannot conflate a police administration with its rank and file these days, especially in politically left cities. There are simply too many “leaders” (I use the term loosely) who simply wish to “go along” in order to attain rank and position, while self-justifying their weakness to themselves in whatever way works. They are what 16th Century Oxford classical scholar and Roman Catholic priest William Tyndale referred to as, “mild, place-seeking conformist[s].”

What a dreadful legacy to leave to posterity. Especially when so many of them were likely the complete opposite when they worked the streets. The hypocrisy, and apparent self-deception is astounding. That so much could be oppressing the rank and file without anyone of rank rising to publicly champion them, in the name of Constitutional values and American liberty, is distressing.

But let’s finish on a positive note. I find it invigorating that there is at least one class of people in government, a warrior class, which is willing to challenge the oppressors of liberty, even if they have no “general” willing to lead them. But, as is the American way, if the general and his subordinate officer corps fall (which so many apparently have), the next in command will take over all the way down to the last “private,” who will fight to his or her last breath to assure American liberty survives and thrives. Even in America’s leftist capitals, the Thin Blue Line remains unbroken.


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