March 01, 2011

Steve Pomper

Verbal Graffiti

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I wondered if it was a good or bad thing to post all of the responses that come into my blog, whether positive or negative—or in some recent cases, extra-negative.

My inclination was to post everything to allow for the greatest discussion. However, people who read my blog regularly expressed the general consensus that the inane, negative, and crude rants detract from any enjoyment or edification a reader might find.

Readers said rather than coming away with thoughts, one way or another about what I’d written, they were coming away with a generally negative feeling about some of the coarse and/or simply mean, or moronic posts. This is obviously not the goal of any author’s website. Debate is great, but should be civil, even if vehement, and certainly not crude or vulgar. There are places for that form of discussion; this is not one of them. This should be a place for thoughtful conversation, and civil disagreement, not a place for distracting, verbal graffiti.


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