• Answering Bill O’Reilly’s Simple Question Beyond Rep. Weiner





    Never has the smarminess of the Democratic left been so on display as with N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner during an interview on The O’Reilly Factor last night. To a simple question in the vein of, “What federal agency is responsible for enforcing the health insurance mandate?” Rep. Weiner, instead of answering the obvious, IRS, accused Bill O’Reilly of interrupting him, of spreading myths, and he simply refused to answer O’Reilly’s reasonable, one…sole…question.


    Weiner said [the health insurance mandate] was no different than having to pay other taxes to government. Well, although this is not an answer to the question asked, Representative Weiner, the IRS enforces collections from those tax delinquents. So, since the Democrats selected the IRS to enforce provisions of Obamacare, then is it really that difficult to admit the IRS would enforce collecting fines from folks who fail to buy government approved health insurance?


    Rep. Weiner mentioned again and again that the law specifically does not criminalize failure to purchase health insurance. This is an interesting, but not too clever trick. While technically failure to buy insurance would be a civil violation punishable by fine, should one choose not to pay the fine, which is indeed criminal, it would subject the individual to jail or prison time.


    So, essentially Weiner is clearly a master of disingenuousness, and while a few viewers may have bought his deception, I’m certain a majority saw through his pathetic attempt to obfuscate the truth. Or perhaps I’m just full of myth. 

  • Democratic Party now Officially a Socialist Party





    Up until, “The Vote,” I’d forced myself, out of civility, to consider Democrats simply as predominately folks on the liberal/progressive side of the political aisle. Now, following this ram-down-our-throats-at-any-cost vote for so-called “Healthcare Reform,” these folks have abdicated any claim to the name Democratic Party as we’ve traditionally known it in America. With this vote the Democrats have effectively declared themselves a Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has essentially ceased to exist—has been absorbed by radicals.


    This is supported by recent polls, which, when dissected, although showing overall rejection of Obamacare, by mostly Republicans and Independents, Democrats support Obamacare by more than sixty percent. It’s amazing the Democrats still publicly resist the socialist label (well, except for Al Sharpton), but what do you call a party that not only espouses, but is implementing, a radical socialist agenda.


    Socialists are my enemy because, as a cop, and as a private citizen, the socialist, just like the thief, wishes to take from me what is rightfully mine, by force. A thief is a thief whether skulking in the shadows of our communities, or skulking through the halls of Congress.


    Unlike the traditional Democratic Party, socialists are overt enemies of liberty as socialism seeks to radically increase government, and as Ronald Reagan famously said, “When government expands, liberty contracts.” Those folks, formerly-Democrats-turned-Socialists, are no longer simply opponents across the aisle, with whom to debate and compromise. They demonstrated, by locking out the Republicans as well as the American people on the healthcare debate, that they are interested in neither. I now consider them adversaries on the other side of a political skirmish line—they are the enemy who are ripping our liberty away from us and we must fight them peacefully while we still have some liberty left to do so.



  • How Dare Obama and Pelosi Invoke the Founding Fathers





    In one of the more bazaar incidents of the Obamacare onslaught, this one occurring in the immediate aftermath, both Speaker Pelosi and President Obama had the temerity to invoke the Founding Fathers.


     Ms. Pelosi commented on how this health care bull, sorry, I mean bill, was somehow in the spirit of our Founder’s vision for America, even citing a greater degree of liberty. And if my head wasn’t already about to completely spin off my shoulders, Mr. Obama cited, “…of the People, by the People, and for the People…,” come on—I can’t take it!


    To invoke the spirit and words of our Founding Fathers, who created a country, the first ever in the history of the world conceived in individual liberty, when they’ve just rammed through Congress with not a single vote from the opposition party, and having lost thirty-four from their own, spits on our founding documents and certainly on the memory of our Founders.

  • Liberty Flogged by Democrats





    It is indeed a sad day for the American Republic, for we are less free today than we were yesterday. Ronald Reagan said, “When government expands, liberty contracts.” Yesterday the Democrats grew government like never before, while at the same time they tied American Liberty to the railings in the House Chambers, and flogged her to within an inch of her life.

  • Pelosi’s Preposterous Proposition




    Another day, another scam. Now Pelosi and her minion (I know, minion sounds so trite, but you have to agree, it really suits her) are flouting the Constitution—I know, big surprise—attempting to “deem” the House version of the Health Care bill passed without voting on it. WITHOUT VOTING ON IT! And Madison spins in his grave.


    How in the world can any average American Democrat continue to support this attack against Constitutional process? I’m not talking about the Health Care Bill, but in how the Democrats use machinations, maneuverings, and manipulations—political gymnastics, to pass it this past fourteen months.


    If they get away with it, just think about what that mean for future Congresses. Why wouldn’t the law-making process continue to disintegrate into something where Congress becomes virtually irrelevant. It would leave the House Speaker, Senate Leader, and President free to simply create law arbitrarily like some Machiavellian triumvirate.

  • President Obama vs. the American People





    So here we are down to crunch time on Health Care—again! And don’t be fooled for a moment. Based on most reputable polls, this isn’t Democrat vs. Republican, or even liberal Democrat vs. Blue-Dog Democrat; this is President Obama vs. the American People.


    I can’t think of a time in my life, or in anything I can remember in American history, where the government was more hell-bent on passing a bill, and wasted so much time and energy in the attempt, regardless of its citizen’s strongly contrary feelings. The vehemence against this thing is palpable.


    Supporters of Obamacare will bend and skew anything to their benefit in trying to pass this thing. They say they’re simply doing what Republicans did when they used “reconciliation,” conveniently forgetting that reconciliation was specifically intended for budget issues and that those bills passed with bipartisan support, and conveniently ignoring their own Senator Robert Byrd’s, strong denunciation earlier in the decade.


    Supporters claim President Obama is bravely doing what he thinks is best for the American people, even though they oppose it, just like President Bush did with the surge in Iraq. Hold the phone; just like? I don’t think so.


    The U.S. Constitution gives the President Commander-in-Chief authority over the military; the U.S. Constitution gives the President no such authority over America’s private healthcare system. Never mind apples and oranges; this is like comparing apples and aircraft carriers.


    If President Obama manages to bend enough spines and commits this assault against his own people; it would actually be politically beneficial to my side (libertarian/conservative/independent—you know, the 9/12 Project-Tea Party “Mob”).


    However, the reason “my side” is working so hard to defeat this regardless, is—well, for one thing, we have the right to self-defense—because it would be bad for America. Screw the parties, this is horrible for America and we need to fight right up until the last moment possible.


    And if Obamacare does manage to pass, we’ll have yet another fight on our hands, unable to relax our keen eye on our own government, unable to simply go about pursuing our happiness, unable to simply enjoy being Americans, but I believe we’re up to it. 

  • A Redhook Kind of Day or, Mudslinger Merriment!





    This past Saturday was one of those special days, a brilliant sun hanging in a blue, cloudless sky, warming a greening landscape; it was that rarest of things: a Pacific Northwest spring afternoon—without the wet stuff. And my wife and I promised ourselves we’d wring every last bit of the day out before we that sun went down.


    We parked a bit further south between Kenmore and Bothell than we usually do, which we’d regret to some degree during our return walk, but that’s another story, one that includes blisters and other such stuff to make you feel sorry for us…, but again, another story.


    Our destination was Forecaster’s Pub at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville. It’s a frequent destination for us, but days like that make it special. Not surprisingly, we weren’t the only folks to think this. The place was packed.


    En route, glancing at my wife I said, “Good; we’ll be getting there after one thirty—at least the lunch rush should be over.”


    Hah, right! We waited forty-five minutes for our table. However, this was not the worst part of the day; in fact, it may have been the best. Even though Redhook didn’t open their patio for dining, they did open it for folks to wait—while “sampling” some of Redhook’s finest brews.


    Smiling people were chatting, but at first the atmosphere was fairly muted. However, as folks became more comfortable, perhaps a result of the social-medicinal, barley and hops effect, the patio turned into a veritable social event independent of the diners inside, the speakers pouring out 70’s gems motivating some not even born at the time to bring out their best John Travolta moves.


    In fact, an eclectic group of young folks sitting near us, we gathered they were teachers, were inspired to an impromptu change of plans. The lone female of the group stood and said, “I’m gonna go cancel our table; let’s just stay out here.”


    We got our table soon after and could see the group from our seats. They were soon joined by others, several other knots of beer-sippers formed, and the party soared. We had fun watching them and slightly regretted we hadn’t stayed out there ourselves. 


    After two fat Turkey Blasts, a crisp ESB, and a foamy Mudslinger—or two–we got up to leave and couldn’t help but notice that, now past three o’clock, waiting “dry” diners surrounded the place, and the patio was a still rockin’.


    Thanks for the fun day, Redhook!   

  • And Now an Income Tax; Are you Fed up Yet?





    What the hell is it with government these days? Talk about belligerent ignorance and tone deafness. The people are angry and are engaging in an ever growing tax and spend revolt, and yet both our federal and state governments are forging ahead recklessly looking to what…tax and spend. Again; what the hell?


    With regard to the federal government I wrote a while back that I can’t remember having had to keep such a sharp eye on government, when I should be able to pursue my happiness, take care of my family, and trust my senators and representatives to “watch my back.” Well, rather than watching my back they keep sticking a knife in it.


    Now, it seems we have to turn that sharp eye on state government as well. Seems they’re sneaking a state income tax ballot measure for next fall, during the last days of the legislative session. They “notified” the public of the meeting regarding the bill just before noon—today, and put the bill online about 30 minutes before the meeting—today, which is being held at 4:30 PM in Olympia—today. Gee, I don’t know about you, but being a taxpayer, I was actually working at that time.


    Now, the method the state progressives have adopted is diabolically brilliant; Machiavelli would have been proud. Here’s the proposition: Do you want to lower your sales taxes and raise taxes on “high income” earners (the rich)? Yes or no? Wow, what a conundrum.


    The first answer is a big duh, right? I mean, damn those rich people; they got all their money at the expense of the poor anyway, right? It’s not about working hard and being responsible. Yeah, right. However, as with the Sixteenth Amendment, which adopted a federal income tax, which started at 1% levied only on the “high income” earners, it soon affected a much higher portion of the population and increased in excess of 70% tax rates.


    What’s going to happen is, if this were to pass, the sales tax would inevitably creep back up (or zip back up, whatever), and the income tax would grow to cover ever larger percentages of the population, and rates would surely increase.


    If anyone ever wondered how our founding patriots felt about King George III, the seething anger, the sense of unfairness and impotence, well how’re you feeling about Washington D.C. and Olympia lately?