• Nanny State Laws Enacted By Politicians Tarnish Public Perception of Police

    New article by Steve Pomper at OpsLens.com

  • New OpsLens.com Contributor

    I wanted to take a moment to proudly announce that I have become a contributor to the news and opinion website OpsLens.com.

    The site brings you a fresh look at the news and experience-based commentary written by writers who’ve “been there.”

    People who’ve served in the military, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence communities. Obviously, I will be writing on law enforcement issues.

    I’ll be blogging less here as my police related pieces will be dedicated to OpsLens.com. I will continue to Read more…

  • Nazi Storm Troopers! In Seattle?

    Illustration by, Levi Hastings


    Well, we can count the folks at Jewish in Seattle Magazine (JISM) among those who not only hold negative stereotypes of police officers, in this case, Seattle police officers, but also commit those stereotypes to print and illustration. It would have been bad enough if the repugnant image they used portrayed generic cops, but the officers’ uniforms have SPD patches. Doing so, they declare their ignorance of and contempt for Seattle’s police officers to the world.


    Now, before Read more…